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Great ideas for raising money in your community for JMML research

The JMML Foundation needs your help to raise funds for research to cure this terrible disease as well as to support families of children with JMML. Many people think fundraising involves only large-scale organization-based events, but you'd be surprised at how much money can be raised by individuals, with minimal effort. There are many things you can do in your own communities, or even in your own homes, that can bring us one step closer to finding a cure for JMML. 


Fundraising Event by Kelly and John RanneyKelly and John Ranney, parents of Griffin, completed a run in their Florida hometown in March 2007, and raised more than $17,000 for The JMML Foundation.

When their son was diagnosed with JMML, they spread the word to everyone they knew in their community, including their church, school, country club, and Rotary Club. They saw an opportunity to participate in a local run, and decided to run the race on behalf of The JMML Foundation. They sent an e-mail "blast" to friends and acquaintances, letting them know about the run and asking for donations in support of The JMML Foundation. They explained in their donation request e-mail that the money would go directly towards finding a cure for this disease and supporting the families of JMML kids.

Kelly and John's personal expenses were minimal: the entry fees for the race, new running shoes, and the time involved in training. They also made t-shirts displaying the JMML logo that they wore during the race. Kelly believes they received so many donations because of their initial efforts to spread the word about their son’s disease. Their formula for success is a good model. When they ask for donations, they tell their story and set a goal for what they want to raise, and people have responded with amazing generosity

Save your Pennies

Wayland Union Middle School in Wayland, Michigan, sent The JMML Foundation a surprise gift of over $825 in April 2007, which was raised in just one week. They conducted a creative, fun and simple charity event called “Penny Wars.”

The students were asked to bring in as many pennies as they could to their homeroom classes. Each morning for a short period of time, the students would go around and “bomb” other homeroom classes, meaning they would drop anything from a silver coin, to dollar bills, to checks in the jars of other homerooms. Each “bomb” would deduct points from the pennies brought in that day by that homeroom class. At the end of each day, the students would tally the scores for each homeroom and the classes with the most total points and most pennies would earn prizes such as candy or other treats. The school voted to send all of its earnings to The JMML Foundation.

Host a Party

Niki Daubach, the mother of a JMML long-term survivor, agreed to host a Silpada Jewelry Designs party in her home and raised $484 for the JMML Foundation.

This isn’t the type of thing Niki would normally do, but recently she had been trying to come up with fundraising ideas, and her friend, who represented Silpada, agreed to donate 75 percent of her profits! She said that after seeing first-hand what Niki’s son and her family had been through, donating the money was a great idea.

Niki provided desserts and drinks for her friends to enjoy (costing her approximately $30) while they "shopped" for jewelry. She thought it was a great way to enjoy the company of her friends, in a "girls-night-out" type atmosphere, while also raising money for The JMML Foundation. She felt that most of her friends probably didn’t really need more jewelry, but found it hard to resist ordering at least something in order to try and help out a good cause. She is now considering making it an annual party and perhaps even hosting at a local restaurant to accommodate more people. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and considering the timing in early December, it also served as a great way for her friends to find perfect gifts for the holidays.

More Ideas

Here are a few ideas about how you can raise money for the JMML Foundation in your own hometown:
  • Ask donors to sponsor you in a marathon, 5K run, bike ride, etc.
  • Host a Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Southern Living, jewelry, etc., party in your home
  • Sell bracelets that say JMML Foundation, or even bear a JMML child’s name
  • Organize tennis, bowling, putt-putt tournaments in your community
  • EASY idea: Ask a local restaurant to donate a portion of its proceeds to The JMML Foundation from all meals purchased on a specific night
  • Sell Grocery Scrip on behalf of The JMML Foundation
  • Sell Christmas cards with pictures drawn by JMML kids
  • EASY idea:
  • You or a friend create jewelry or other crafts for sale at craft fairs, home shows, through your church, etc.
Feel free to be creative and let us know if you have other ideas!

Support from The JMML Foundation

The JMML Foundation will support your efforts, providing that the JMML Foundation Fundraising Guidelines are met. For example:
  • The Foundation will provide the official JMML Foundation logo and letterhead for your use upon request for such things as personal letters asking for donations, t-shirts, and other items used in your event.
  • The Foundation will provide receipts for any donation over $250 if you submit the name and address of the donor, and receipts for all other donations upon request.

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